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Minčiagirė homestead is for the Gourmet of nature and environment as well as for Lithuanian traditions nurturers

  • Lets uphold folk tradition together.
    Folk traditions evenings around the campfire or in the house near the fireplace. By the cracking wood light we will create stories and plays.  We will dance the old and new dances, play. Spending time with coworkers, friends and family is a real pleasure!


  • Craft days in the homestead – binding ribbons, weaving, candle making, wool dyeing and felting.
    The Craft Day in the homestead speeds… Some are weaving,  others binding, some others hammering … Everyone finds something for his soul. Educational activities for both children and adults let you learn a lot of interesting and useful.


  • Presenation of thematic ritual bath customs. Bathouse attendant’s services.


  • Hiking or biking around the neighborhood, getting acquainted with the local history and natural attractions.


  • Learning and gathering herbs. Cooking different kinds of herbal tea.


  • In summer we invite all the guests to the homestead meadows to pick herbs.
    During this entertainment you will learn about the herbs gathering customs and plant magic. We will reveal some herbalist recipes, in the “natural laboratory” produce natural soaps, herbs  extracts, will learn about their use in production of creams and ointments.
  • Featured hiking with the ornithologist, mushroom expert and a botanist. Travelling in the reserve.
  • Tours around Aukstaitija National Park.


Enterntainment, which must be booked in advance:

  • Fun football Zoomball,
  • star karaoke,
  • entertaining casino games,
  • concert sound system, disco,
  • bath rituals,
  • Air balloon flights,
  • paintball,
  • “Indian bath”,
  • macrobiotic cooking lessons and so on.
  • You can organize sports, educational and health camps for children and adults.