About us

(Ignalina district, Miškiniškė village)

The doors of the large and small houses of Minčiagirė homestead are hospitably opened to those who have decided to spend the holiday with his/her family in the wild nature or a recreational weekend with friends or colleagues. We guarantee comfort and no worries!

We are located in the forests where you will never hear the noise of the city, where time can be calculated by observing  trees in buds, mysterious fern in blossoms, departing cranes and dazzling whiteness of the snow.

Routes on foot, by bicycle or by car

Upon arrival the calm delight of the nearby Ažvintaitis lake shore will make you happy. Utenis lake that is just in  3 km is the start point for all who decided to go on the kayaking/canoeing tour on the riberBūka.  river start. Fishing fans are tempted to visit us because of the surrounding lakes – Ažvintis, Sugardas, Baltelė, Bivainis. Travellers on foot, by bike or by car will be able to choose routes according to their needs and readiness level. For lovers of extreme sensations we offer jeep ride or orientation sports in the forest.

Pleasures of the steam bath

The steam bath on the bank of the pond with a lot of springs will warm your with its heat in the evenings and will let you feel the pleasures of hot steam.  For real bath lovers we  can offer  services of bathouse attendants or teach you some traditional Lithuanian bath rituals.
Minčiagirės sodyba, didysis pastatas

Everything you need for a good rest

In our timber house you will find everything you need for life and relax: a spacious living room with all kitchen facilities and a huge table, “inviting” to have  breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rooms that are comfortable for sleeping or for a while rest have windows with a view on the tree tops. The homestead is surrounded by a beautiful forest with some tumuli reminding the paganism, a forest lake, some historic places, natural monuments and museums. And, of course, depending on the time of year: berries, mushrooms, herbs and ski trails created by wild animals, toboggan hills in pine woods or ice hockey on the frozen pond.

We are waiting for travellers, poets, nature lovers, businessmen …

We are waiting for travellers, canoeists, fishermen, business meeting, painters and poets, sport lovers and nature lovers, celebrating anniversaries, hen partis, bachelor partis, and those who just decided to do nothing for a few days …